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There is nothing wrong with getting married young.
You should be sexually inexperienced if you’re not married yet.
A lot of those suggestions are wrong.

And just because someone gets married young doesn’t mean it will end in divorce…

Some people just really get on my nerves!!
I work at a preschool and the kids are required to at least rest. They don’t have to sleep but they have to stay on the cots quietly. Well, there’s one boy who has no discipline. School is the only place he REALLY gets it. And he has a very difficult time at rest time. He stays on his cot for the most part but he talks to himself. Usually he’s not extremely loud. Lately, we’ve been able to get him to sleep. Today one oft favorite co-workers, who is sooooo patient, almost got him to sleep but she needed to go on break in order to eat lunch before rest time was over. So another teacher, who is by no means patient, came and sat next to him.
She never even gives this kid a chance to lay quietly and possibly fall asleep. She just starts telling him to be quiet (he wasn’t even really talking). The boy doesn’t really like her and she doesn’t like him. She always assumes he’s going to act up and starts taking things away. And it just really bugs me. I know first-hand with this boy, if you give him a chance and speak nicely to him then he does a pretty good job at rest time.

I always dread when this teacher is put in charge of him while the other teacher goes on break. She’s just mean.

Today is the day that two people SHOULD be getting married but their date was stolen.

You know what my absolute LEAST favorite argument against abortion is?

Well first, let me say I don’t agree with abortion. I personally feel it’s wrong and I understand that other people have differing opinions.

Anyway, I HATE when pro-life people use the argument “You could be killing the person that would have cured cancer or AIDS, etc.”

Stop that right now! I’m glad you’re taking a stand and you have an opinion on the issue. However, I don’t think anyone’s reason for not wanting abortion should be “they could be a genius with many medical breakthroughs!”

You’re reasoning should be that it’s morally wrong. Not because of what they may or may not have done.

So just stop. Quit using silly and, quite frankly, most likely impossible scenarios.

That is all.

I never thought I would be the person to change majors. But it looks like that’s what will have to done.

Or just quitting school altogether…

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Thanks to my husband, I now own this CD! :)
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I’m not saying this just because she’s my friend, I’m saying it because it’s true! She has not said one negative or rude thing about you. The only thing we talked about was what happened.
I felt she had the right to know that mean things were being said about her. But as far as she goes, she’s had NOTHING bad to say about you.

I’m not asking for much. In fact, all I’m asking you to do us your duty as a husband.

There is nothing to freaking disagree about!!

Just because two people hang out and are friends does NOT mean they are dating. Otherwise, I dated my best friend!

My sister hangs out with someone a lot. They bake cookies, watch movies at each other’s houses, and just hang out. Doesn’t mean they’re dating. Have they gone on A date? Yes! But they’re not dating.

It is VERY possible to hang out with someone and NOT be dating them. For goodness sakes.

And if by some chance hanging out DOES mean you’re dating then I know A LOT of people who’ve dated multiple people at once. Including me. Including you.

And by those standards, I’ve dated some girls and so have you. And you’re supposed to be really against being gay. Hmmmm.

I am so sick of people saying that if two people hang out then they’re dating. Mmm, NOPE! You’ve got some wacky views, honey.

This time last year, I was in Marshall ready to move in to ETBU! I was so excited but also cried a lot.
This year, I’m back in Arlington preparing to go to school here. I’m not all that excited. I’m actually going to miss ETBU. NOT Marshall! But I am extremely excited I’m married to the love of my life and I never have to leave him again!

I had a dream about Johnny dying last night and then tonight we get a random knock on the door at 10. We weren’t expecting anyone and everyone who works in the office has left. So me being the paranoid person I am makes me worry that my dream, or nightmare, will come true. :(


My girlfriend (who is asleep) just rolled over, wrapped her arms around me and very lovingly whispered “I want to murder you”

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